Working with Steph has completely transformed my running. Her knowledge, guidance and support have been key to helping me reach a number of different goals to date. Having a coach that is happy to chat and advise when things are going well but also when injured has been invaluable. I would highly recommend Steph to anyone looking to up their running game.’



Steph has helped me to love running! I’ve enjoyed learning so through having her as a coach and have seen first hand the wealth of knowledge she has – especially around cross-training! Steph has been friendly, approachable and understands the balance of working full time alongside training for marathons, resulting in me getting PBs in all distances. I’ve loved having Steph as a coach and excited to continue the journey to more PBs!



I have worked with other running coaches before, but Steph took this relationship to a whole new level for me. Clearly Steph is highly knowledgeable, but also she is diligent and very well planned, so the expectations are clear, and there is time to make changes if needed. She listened to what worked for me, and acted upon it, as well as pushing me to go harder and improve at the right times. Sessions are interesting and varied and challenging – a perfect combination. Finally, Steph has also been available and ready to talk, support and pick me back up, when things inevitably don’t go to plan – and ready to cheer from the rooftops when it has gone well!



Steph has been coaching me for 2 years now, I have found great consistency in my training and with a busy family and work life she accommodates my requests and diary.

I have PB’d at 5k, 10k and half marathon since training with her. She is always available to speak, all the sessions are clearly set out and we work together to achieve my goals. She also gave my 6 year old daughter some of her Olympic kit, which Lilly wears religiously to junior ParkRun each week!!



‘I had been trying to improve my marathon time for 2 years and after working with Steph  I hit my marathon goal after 9 weeks! Having a detailed race-day plan with guidance on pace targets, along with varied and focused sessions in the build helped me achieve my goal. I found adding the cross training to my training really helpful, especially when I was injured. Steph took the time to ask lots of questions to try and work out what sort of training I could continue to do whilst unable to run and would adjust the volume based on how I was recovering. She is also quick to answer my questions!



Steph not only gives focused coaching but has also given me the confidence both through the sessions themselves and the time talking through the training targets and race goals. She has given me a kick when I needed it and she felt I could do more, I in turn didn’t want to let her down.  I think that speaks a lot about the coach relationship she has built up over a short time. The flexibility and understanding in her approach especially around everyday life taking over is wonderful and her clear approach in times of injury, illness and recovery truly feels like she has your best interest at the forefront of her mind. She’s a top person as well!