One to One Online Training Plans 

  • Initial consultation to discuss your plans, goals, experience and schedule
  • A personalised training plan tailored to you!
  • Sessions inputted into Training Peaks every 2 weeks
  • Pace guidance for all your training sessions
  • Cross training and strength sessions alongside your running plan
  • Regular contact and support through email and Training Peaks
  • Monthly phone call to check-in and chat about your progress, upcoming races, nutrition and all things running!
  • Pre-race chat, planning and briefing
  • Post-race review

£120 per month (no admin or set up fee!)



Phone call to discuss and give advice on any of the below:

  • Guidance on training
  • Cross training around running
  • Cross training during injury
  • Race day tips
  • Pacing strategies
  • Goal setting
  • Advice on fuelling during training and racing
  • Any other running related topics!

£70 for 1 hour / £40 for 30mins


Guest Speaking / Motivational Talks 

Please contact me for more information.