Race Day Tips

February 2, 2023

Here a few of my top race day tips!

  1. Stick to your pacing plan – don’t make any last-minute changes to your race plan.
    We can often get carried away at the start of a race by other runners around us.
    When your watch beeps for that first 1k or 1mile, check your pace, and if you have
    gone out too fast or too slow then adjust to the effort that suits you. Don’t worry if
    this means letting other runners pass you, you want to be feeling strong at the end
    and you might even catch them later! Remember, a half marathon is a long way and
    pacing it right is key.
  2. Be organised – leave yourself plenty of time to get to the starting area, drop your
    bag, warm up and pop to the loo! You want to head to the start line feeling relaxed
    and energised.
  3. Fuel well – don’t skip breakfast! I am not an advocate of fasted running in general
    but especially before a race. Eat 2-3 hours beforehand and keep hydrated. Stick to
    foods that you know sit well in your stomach. Don’t try anything new!
  4. Encourage other runners – run with a smile and make friends along the way! This
    will make the race a lot more fun and the more fun you are having, the more relaxed
    you are likely to be. Ask people what time they are going for, you might just find
    yourself a pacer!
  5. Back yourself – you’ve done the hard work and now it is time to go for it! It is ok if
    you are feeling nervous, that is totally normal! Try distract yourself by warming up
    with a friend, listening to music or thinking about your post-race plans.